Foreign Trade

Intelcon Global provides support services for the international trade related operations of SMEs, starting with identifying the optimal business partner, and then the execution of the entire operational process with this partner.

Foreign trade consulting services offer a number of benefits for companies. A project-based foreign trade consulting service enables the companies to have access to the technical and operational knowledge as well as the personal network of a consultant during the project period without having the need to hire an employee on a full time basis.

Freed from the need to invest time and energy for foreign trade related activities, the management and employees of the company could make better use of their resources by focusing on their real field of expertise, i.e. production. New and innovative products can be developed in this way, which would eventually help the company to achieve greater competitive edge both at home and abroad, and increase its profitability.


As a foreign trade platform, we develop strategies for your company to build an efficient, productive and long term export management approach directed at the countries, sectors, and customers in international markets, to further develop your relations with existing market sand customers as well as identifying new ones, and to enable you to conduct your export operations in a timely, fast and flawless manner.

Contact us, if you are interested in…

  • Increase your sales and profits by positioning your company in international markets,
  • Increase the productivity of your existing export operations and reduce your costs.

Our export consulting services cover:

  • Ensuring export-readiness by analyzing the firm’s competencies and products
  • Establishing a corporate export system
  • Formulating international marketing strategies
  • İdentifying target markets
  • Formulating market entry strategies
  • Identifying prospective customers and establishing the initial contacts
  • Execution of the entire export process from the preparation of the product to shipment, including customs, logistics and other procedures.

As a foreign trade platform, we provide solutions for your company to import products with the qualities that you want in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

For this purpose, we conducted detailed international market surveys for the products that you are interested in, evaluate the results of the survey, contact the identified suppliers, and provide solutions to make sure that the product is produced and shipped to you in a way that suits your needs.

If you want to…

  • Source the product that you need from international markets with optimal quality,
  • Ensure that your import procedures are effective, productive, fats and result-oriented,
  • Reduce costs by accurately calculating ad evaluating all the costs involved during the entire process,
  • Overcome difficulties caused by language barriers and complexities in the foreign trade regulations,
  • Conduct the entire import process with a professional team and to minimize the risks involved,

Let us work together.

Customs Consultancy

Our customs consultancy services aim to minimize difficulties faced at the customs, utilize new cost effective and time efficient customs techniques, arrange the company’s relations with customs brokers, and inform about the European Union legislation and procedures.

  • Risk analysis on customs procedures
  • HS Code identification
  • Tariffs
  • VAT and Customs VAT
  • Special Consumption Tax
  • Customs valuation
  • Royalty procedures
  • Foreign trade standardization
  • Temporary imports
  • Import with waiver
  • Certificate of circulation and certificate of origin
  • Customs entrepots
  • Financial leasing (cross border leasing)
  • Free zones
  • European Union procedures
  • Free trade agreements
  • Post-release certificate
  • Inward processing
  • Outward processing
Customer Portfolio Management

Products reaching the right customer in the right market is the most vital condition for enlarging foreign business volumes and ensuring the companies’ endurance during times of crisis.

With target audience and market analyses, we help our customers to reach the final users of their products in a consistent and reliable way and carry their brand recognition to overseas markets.

Market Analysis Reports

Developments and fluctuations in international markets cause a risk of failure for your products to achieve the desired results in overseas markets. Having knowledge of the market, politics, finance and local infrastructure of the region you are interested in and through carefully prepared analyses promises an easier and risk free path to targeted markets.